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Pecha Kucha Presentation

This blog post explains what a Pecha Kucha presentation means. Also, it shares detailed information on how to effectively create and deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation.

Are you looking for effective presentation styles to promote your public speaking skills? If yes, then try Pecha Kucha Presentation. Is the word ‘Pecha Kucha’ sounds unfamiliar to you? No worries! In order to help you out, here in this blog post, we have given a complete overview of the Pecha Kucha Presentation. Also, in detail, we have explained how to create and deliver a great Pecha Kucha presentation to showcase your creativity and public speaking skills to the outside world. In general, the Pecha Kucha presentation is a simple and effective presentation format that will allow you to share powerful messages. Not only students, but even employees can also use this presentation style to build their speaking skills.

Continue reading this blog post to know more about Pecha Kucha.

What is a Pecha Kucha presentation?

Pechakucha or Pecha Kucha is a presentation format that contains exactly 20 slides with a display time of 20 seconds for each slide. Hence it is also called a 20×20 presentation. When the slide automatically changes after every 20 seconds, the speakers must synchronize their speech with the images on the slide. As the time for each slide is fixed, the complete presentation should last exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Till now we saw a quick overview of Pecha Kucha presentation. In the next section, let us have a closer look at its origin. Also, we will get to know the effective ways of creating and presenting the 20×20 presentation.

Origin of Pecha Kucha Presentation

Basically, the Pecha Kucha Presentation concept was designed by two architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham in the year 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. Are you wondering what the term ‘Pecha Kucha’ refers to? In Japanese, ‘Pecha Kucha’ means ‘chit-chat’ or ‘sound of conversation’. As the creators wanted a particular space to share their ideas and messages in the form of presentations, they designed this format. Moreover, they have specifically set a time limit for each slide in this presentation format, in order to escape from the trap of rambling speakers. It is one of the effective visual presentation styles that focus only on single attractive images. Mostly, this presentation allows the speakers or presenters to captivate the audience with images rather than written words.

The Pecha Kucha presentation is similar to Haiku poems. But the Pecha Kucha forces the creators to arrange their messages creatively within a standard format. Note that, the creativity you use here will help you to produce amazing results. Also, it would offer a good opportunity to tune your creativity and public speaking skills.

In general, the Pecha Kucha presentation depends more on concision and brevity. But as there is no option to move back or skip ahead, you must prepare and practice the entire presentation.

Remember, over the past few decades, Pecha Kucha has gained more popularity because of its visual focus, concise style, and limited timings. So, you can also use this innovative format while presenting your presentations. But most importantly, your presentation should easily engage your audience.

What is a Pecha Kucha Night?

Have you heard about Pecha Kucha Night (PKN)? Pecha Kucha Night is nothing but an event evolved from the Pecha Kucha presentation style. The founders of this presentation style hosted the first Pecha Kuch Night in a creative space in Tokyo. Mainly, they wanted all the creative minds to come together in a fun way to share their ideas or message. So, they started the event in the name of Pecha Kucha Night. In this event, the speakers can choose to deliver a presentation on any topic ranging from vacation photos to political messages. But the entire presentation should strictly adhere to the standard 20×20 format.

The first event has gained a lot of attraction amongst the people for its creativity and inclusion. Therefore, as a result of it, nearly 1149 cities across the world are hosting this event regularly. Even local communities actively offer space to host the Pecha Kucha Night. But when it comes to hosting Pecha Kucha events, the organizers should make sure to cover the worldwide concept specific to their city.

The space for Pecha Kucha is completely free and open for anyone to share their thoughts and ideas. So, those who wish to socialize and have fun sharing ideas can attend the PKN. In specific, the event act as a real social networking platform because in it you can share your real ideas with real people in a funny manner and can also receive feedback for your content and presentation skills. Also, most importantly, in this event, you can either take the role of a Pecha Kucha presenter or a listener.

Pecha Kucha Presentation Format

When it comes to the creation of a Pecha Kucha presentation, you should follow a specific format for both images and words. Discussed below is the standard Pecha Kucha presentation format you should adapt to your work.


No presentation can be given without a topic. So, if you want to present a Pecha Kucha Event or Presentation, then as a speaker you must first choose a predetermined topic, and then deliver a speech on it. The format you choose can be related to your work or interests, but while creating your presentation, you must strictly include 20 slides in it.


In general, the Pecha Kucha slides you add to your presentation should feature an image without text. But still, presenters can use captions in it. However, any infographic you add to your slide should be brief, and it should be easy for your audience to read and understand it before the next slide advances. At times, even some Pecha Kucha nights will allow you to present a video art.

Pecha Kucha Presentation Rules

Regarding the length of the presentation, PechaKucha has a set of rules. If you are a speaker, then you must make sure to complete your Pecha Kucha presentation exactly in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. In order to achieve this, you should speak for twenty seconds per slide. Also, in this presentation, you can’t use the options such as halt, return to the previous image and skip to the next image.


Pecha Kucha Presentation


How to Create a Pecha Kucha Presentation?

Right now, would you have to prepare a Pecha Kucha presentation? Well, executing the following steps in order will help you to come up with a great Pecha Kucha presentation.

Find out a Good Topic

As said earlier, for a Pecha Kucha presentation, a good topic is necessary. When it comes to creating a Pecha Kucha presentation, you can choose any compelling topic. But it is best to select a topic considering your interest, passion, or talent. Because choosing a topic from your area of interest would be more comfortable for you in streamlining your content. Avoid picking a topic that is too serious. The topic you select should be simple and it should be convenient for you to share all your major ideas in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The ultimate aim of Pecha Kucha is focus and concision. So, make sure to keep your presentation topic light.

Sketch an Outline

In case, you are not sure where to begin your presentation, sketch an outline for your presentation using a standard essay structure or format. For example, first, give an introduction to the presentation topic with a strong thesis statement. Next, jump to the body section and provide evidence to support your main theory, and finally wrap up your presentation by summarizing all the major points in the final slide.

Draft the Content

If you have a tightly crafted presentation, then you can easily compress your presentation to less than 7 minutes and can entertain your audience as well. So, make sure to organize your presentation points in a proper format. When drafting your content, always stick to one point per slide.  If you are unable to explain your presentation topic in a single sentence, make a note to simplify the subject.

Mainly, in order to fit your content within the 20×20 format, you will have to edit a lot of your ideas accordingly and streamline only the important content. When drafting your content, never distract yourself with what you wish to share. Instead, focus on what your audience love to hear.

Choose Images Wisely

The images you include in your Pecha Kucha presentation should allow you to narrate a story suitable to your presentation topic. So, when selecting the images for your presentation, give importance to the images that are compelling and large enough to be visible from the perspective of your audience. To collect stock images and Pecha Kucha templates you can take help from any online sources.

Create a Presentation

After gathering all the necessary details relevant to your presentation topic, create a good Pecha Kucha presentation with 20 powerful slides. For a Pecha Kucha presentation, a simple slide is enough. Especially, while creating your presentation, never include bullet points, facts, figures, and text. Simply choose a strong image relevant to your topic and speak over the top of it. As you have only 20 seconds for each slide, don’t make your presentation clumsy by adding unwanted images. Just pick a striking image that has the power to deliver the meaning directly to your audience. Remember, each slide in your presentation should be simple and to the point.

Practice Speaking

Once you have completed preparing your Pecha Kucha presentation, you should practice delivering your presentation in an enthusiastic manner. If you rehearse it multiple times, you will gain a lot of confidence, maintain the timing between the slides, and present your speech in a more natural way. Avoid reading the content from a script because your readers will think that you are unfamiliar or uninterested in the topic.

Also, most importantly, in the Pecha Kucha events, you will not have the option to rewind or delay a slide. So, it is necessary for you to know the entire content by heart. In case, you are aware of the message of each slide, then try to deliver your speech naturally by giving enough time between the words. But note that, your presentation should not exceed the actual time limit. Within the 20 seconds allotted for each slide, share the main idea of your presentation topic without rushing through it.

Practicing the entire content multiple times will help you in delivering a successful 20×20 presentation. So, practice, practice, and practice until you gain confidence to deliver your presentation on the stage.


Pecha Kucha Presentation

How to Deliver a Pecha Kucha Presentations?

Presentation is a kind of art that requires more skills. Particularly, in order to be a successful Pecha Kucha organizer, presenter, or speaker, you should know how to create and deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation. Mostly, following the steps mentioned in the above- section, will help you in creating a powerful Pecha Kucha presentation. But do you know how to deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation effectively? If you have no idea, then this is what you should do to give a great Pecha Kucha talk.

Explain your topic in a sentence

While you give this presentation, the content you choose to deliver should be straightforward and concise. Usually, when you try to deliver so many points, you will end up not saying anything. So, be sure that the topic you choose is tight, and try to explain your topic in a single sentence. Also, being to the point will help you to share all your major information in a shorter format within the specified time limit.

Narrate a story with images

It is tough to hold the attention of the audience for nearly 6 minutes by only sharing dry facts and figures. So, in order to make your audience pay close attention to you, try to narrate a compelling story. Note that, your story should reveal the importance and value of your presentation topic. Mainly, to enhance your storytelling, in your presentation slides, add beautiful images instead of texts. The images you include should be clear and understandable to your audience. Also, it should support you to narrate a story engaging to your audience.

Use only a few main points

As Pecha Kucha is a shorter format presentation style, it is really challenging to create and deliver it. You should mainly work to present a small handful of points relevant to your topic in a concise format. In general, when giving a Pecha Kucha presentation, try not to present more than three major points. In the rest of your presentation, provide facts and examples supporting your main points.

Practice your speech timing

In addition to what you are going to say and how you are going to present it, you must also pay more attention to your speech timing as well. Generally, in a Pecha Kucha presentation, the slides will move at 20-second intervals. So, make sure to give your speech perfectly in line with the timing of your slides. Otherwise, your audience will get confused.

Present yourself some visual cues

In order to make your speech sync with your slides, try to include some visual cues on each slide. The visual cues will act as a reminder of what to present next. Also, it will help you to minimize your anxiety about forgetting the major points or what to say next.

All the above-mentioned things will help you to deliver a great presentation. So, while giving your Pecha Kucha speech, strictly follow them all without missing any.

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Key Tips for Designing and Presenting a Pecha Kucha Presentation

Listed below are some key tips for designing and delivering a Pecha Kucha presentation. If you want to give a successful Pecha Kucha presentation, then remember to keep all these tips in mind.

  1. Always choose a presentation topic that you are passionate about or have high experience in.
  2. Never approach a topic in a usual way. Search and find something interesting and different about the topic and deliver your presentation in an engaging manner.
  3. As Pecha Kucha talks are short and have a minimum speech time, narrow down your topic and keep your thesis simple.
  4. Before you start designing your presentation, figure out all the major points relevant to your thesis statement.
  5. While creating your presentation, create an arc by including a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  6. In order to grab the attention of your audience, while delivering a presentation, narrate a meaningful story relevant to your presentation topic.
  7. If you want to make your presentation creation process easier, sketch an outline. Because the outline will act as a guide for you to cover all the main points.
  8. Avoid using a lot of complex visuals in your slides. Instead of having multiple images, try to have one large image filling the entire screen.
  9. Sometimes your presentation slides will act as a reminder to you, so, while designing your slides add in some cues. But always keep the minimal text on each slide.
  10. Load the necessary points in your brain and practice your speech multiple times before you go to the stage.
  11. Communicate your travel experiences.
  12. Talk about food.
  13. Talk about emotions.
  14. Talk about the future.
  15. Experiment with satire.
  16. Describe what you do for work.
  17. Communicate about your hobbies.
  18. Tell about your pets.
  19. Things I learned during my trip to Indonesia
  20. Cultures & practices that I saw on my trip to India

The Bottom Line

We hope you are now clear about what a Pecha Kucha presentation is and how to create and deliver a great Pecha Kucha presentation. The success of your presentation mostly depends on your topic and how effectively you present that topic to your audience using 20 slides. If you are good at creating Pecha Kucha presentations or in case you are looking for how to make money online from home, then you can work as a freelance presentation designer. The main role of a presentation designer is to design any type of presentation for academic and business purposes according to the requirements of the customers.

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