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Feminist research topics mainly focus on the people that are for the notion of supporting women to get their deserved rights and enjoyment of life, get equal opportunities like men, and are considered equal. Feminism is a movement led by women for bringing historical, political, and social change concerning gender equality and to say no to discrimination.

Feminism has been one of the very vital issues since the 19th century in a male-dominated and patriarchal society. With the growth of feminism in recent times, the topics of feminism have become quite popular. So, if you are looking for a writer for your feminist research paper, we suggest you continue reading this blog post.

Feminist Research Paper Topics and Ideas

For writing a dissertation paper on feminists, a good feminist research topic is needed. Generally, feminism is a broad subject and it talks about the various issues that women face daily. It can be sexual harassment, oppression or repression, molestation, objectification, and other deprivations both politically and socially. So, when you are writing a feminist research paper, choose the thesis statement of a feminist research topic on issues such as women empowerment, women’s rights, dignity, equality, and others.


feminist research paper topics


Take a look at the list of topics given below and choose a unique research topic that you find can be most impactful:

 Some of the Argumentative Feminist Essay Topics

  1. Feminism is a fight against men, not patriarchy.
  2. Feminism is another form of politics.
  3. Mixed schools can also promote feminism.
  4. Marriage is a limitation to women’s rights.
  5. Feminism is mere psychology.
  6. Society’s definition of beauty should define women.
  7. Should women still obey their husbands in their marriages?
  8. Religion is an excuse for women’s violence
  9. Feminist critics are apologetics.
  10. NGOs have limited control over feminist education.
  11. Influence of Black Feminism on Identity Issues
  12. Pornography Causes Violence Against Women Feminism
  13. Comparing and Contrasting Liberal, Socialist, and Radical Feminism.
  14. The Complicated Relationship Between Pornography and Feminism

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Intriguing Feminist Research Topic list

  1. Has the feminist movement helped or endangered women?
  2. How does feminism affect modern lifestyle and fashion?
  3. The feminist movement is just a platform to increase women’s power
  4. What is the anti-feminist movement, and why are people sensitive about it?
  5. What is the role of women in the contemporary world of entrepreneurship?
  6. How has the #MeToo movement fueled the adoption of feminism?
  7. How has the rise of social media shaped feminism?
  8. The mass media has affected the global understanding of feminism.
  9. How has feminism been used to promote advocacy for equal rights?
  10. How does feminism equate to human rights?
  11. How has feminism harmed or helped women?
  12. How has the evolution of feminism affected society?
  13. What is the future of feminism?
  14. What is ecofeminism?
  1. Is feminism all about male dominance?
  2. How has feminism reconstructed gender roles?
  3. Examine the reasons why men discrimination is on the high
  4. How has the feminist movement also fought for black lives matter?
  5. Is feminism merely a relic of the history of a subject of contemporary need?
  6. How does feminism contribute to traditional ideologies of gender roles?
  7. How have women also impeded feminist advocacy?
  8. Is feminism still all-encompassing or just about women?
  9. Examine the possibility of a female president in America.
  10. Examine the relationship of feminism with sports.
  11. Entertainment industry and #MeToo movement
  12. Contribution of female social reformers and activists in the United States
  13. Discuss the struggle of Olympe de Gouges and Betty Friedan for equality
  14. Why Gloria Steinem is considered the most famous feminist in the world?
  15. Discuss the role played by feminists in establishing the identity of a single mother.
  16. The influence of women on culture
  17. Compare and contrast the feminist agenda and black women’s agenda

Research Paper Topics on the theory of Feminism

  1. What do you understand by the feminism theory?
  2. Discuss the main feminist theories.
  3. Explain the main indicators of inequality in a society.
  4. An explanation of the main feminist parties’ policies
  5. A description of the gender’s nature
  6. A description of the main features of femininity and masculinity- How biased is each of them?
  7. The main concepts and origins of spiritual feminism
  8. What would a women-dominated society be like?
  9. The differences and similarities between European and African feminists.
  10. An analysis of all gender inequality aspects.
  11. Abortion law and feminism
  12. How do feminists assist society in getting rid of the threat of rape and violence against women?
  13. Feminism can be hoodlums’ disguise: Explain and justify
  14. Pros and cons of Marxist feminism
  15. Compare and contrast Socialist feminism and Radical feminism
  16. Discuss postmodern/poststructuralist feminism theory
  17. Crime, criminology, and women: A feminist critique
  18. Discuss the difference between the first wave and second wave of the feminist movement
  19. Schism in the feminist movement
  20. Why Chile’s new constitution is a feminist victory

Research Paper Topics on Women Empowerment

  1. The significance of the women’s empowerment principles.
  2. How does the transition from cash to digital payrolls help empower women in developing countries?
  3. Examine current trends in women’s empowerment.
  4. Why is there such a big gap between committing to advancing equality and corporate efforts to implement women’s empowerment programs?
  5. What does it mean to be empowered?
  6. The role of the internet in empowering girls.
  7. Discuss what everyone can do to empower the women in their community.
  8. Why is workplace health a particular concern for women empowerment?
  9. Analyze the various benefits of women’s empowerment.
  10. Criticize the Gender Empowerment Measure.
  11. How feminism movement in UAE empowered Arab women?
  12. Women’s representation in the political system, politics, and decision making
  13. Discuss the role played by feminists in driving women’s empowerment
  14. Women empowerment in Asian countries in the last two decades
  15. Challenges faced by feminists while establishing women’s empowerment

Research Topics that include topics like Domestic Violence

  1. Discuss the role of domestic violence in enhancing the feminist movement.
  2. Who perpetuates domestic violence and what are the best ways to deal with it?
  3. Domestic violence is a terror in the feminist movement.
  4. Should there be restrictions on abortions?
  5. How can feminists help society cope with the domestic violence problem?
  6. Is the criminalization of abortion discrimination?
  7. Domestic violence prevention: the role of parental communication.
  8. Why are men more likely to resort to violence than women?
  9. What actions would you classify as domestic abuse?
  10. How do mental illnesses and domestic violence affect each other?
  11. Domestic violence: new solutions.
  12. Is one sibling bullying the other a form of domestic abuse?
  13. Explore the link between women’s suicide and abuse.
  14. Treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence.
  15. What can healthcare specialists do to identify victims of violence more effectively?

Feminist Research Paper Topics on Abortion

  1. How do communities typically respond to domestic violence?
  2. Compare cases of domestic violence in military and religious families.
  3. Study the psychology behind victim-blaming.
  4. Abuse in teenage relationships.
  5. Cultural perspectives on domestic violence
  6. The role played by the community to reduce the rate of abortion
  7. Conjugal relationships and domestic violence against women
  8. Why are male partners considered the main reason behind domestic violence against their female partners?
  9. Abortion and domestic violence cases in the United States
  10. African-American women: Abuse and domestic violence

Outstanding Feminist Research Topics

  1. Does feminism cover rebellions?
  2. Do feminist movements deserve the government’s support?
  3. The pros and cons of feminism
  4. Why the pay equity idea deserves everyone’s support
  5. Feminism and single mothers
  6. Is feminism a need or a historical relic?
  7. Men judge women by their cuisine- discuss
  8. The rights and privileges of women in underdeveloped countries
  9. Widespread feminists and feminism myths
  10. Feminist critics’ position- How right are they?
  11. Criminality and feminism- What’s the connection?
  12. Is modern feminism the cause of men’s discrimination?
  13. How feminism can influence a brand’s income negatively
  14. Can feminist stents be divided into incorrect and correct?
  15. The pros and cons of radical feminism
  16. Examine how terrorist organizations use women as a means to achieve political goals.
  17. Assess the ways through which feminists cope with societal discrimination and violence.
  18. What is the feminist critics’ position in the face of global gender inequality?
  19. How literature is used to undermine women
  20. How do fitness clubs discriminate against women?
  1. What do you mean by eco-feminism?
  2. What does cyberfeminism imply, and how has it boxed feminism into a social space?
  3. Give examples of the modern feminist manifesto, and what have they included in the feminist ideology?
  4. Examine how being a gentleman could be insulting to feminists
  5. Give a step-by-step guide on how to adopt feminism
  6. Does being an anti-racist equal being a feminist?
  7. The Bitch Manifesto and its significance.
  8. Examine what provocative feminism means
  9. Explore the distinct types of feminism and how hairstyles are also a form of political statement.
  10. Study the connection between women’s health and rights throughout history.
  11. Feminism in Islamic countries.
  12. Sexism in advertising: why is it still a problem?
  13. Define how feminism influences science.
  14. Women in leadership positions: the rhetoric and the reality.
  15. Fighting gender stereotypes in the 21st century.
  16. What’s the problem with the female gendering of AI assistants?
  17. Child Marriage: the impact of Girls Not Brides.
  18. Are hijabs always a symbol of oppression?
  19. Discuss the social construction of gender roles.
  20. The role of feminism in international relations.

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Feminist Research Topics that are quite Controversial

  1. The education of men and women in feminism
  2. Why should everyone adopt feminism?
  3. Do males earn less than females in modern society?
  4. Societal effect of feminism- what to expect in the next ten years
  5. Global legislation against gender-based inequality
  6. The challenges of men fighting for the feminist ideology
  7. An examination of Black Feminism and its importance
  8. Chauvinistic displays of modern feminism
  9. The role of bullying in limiting female and girl self-belief
  10. The cognitive significance of gender equality
  11. Is total global gender equality possible in two generations to come?
  12. How some women oppress other women with feminist ideologies
  13. Examine why there are limited women in both politics and business.
  14. Examine the possibility of splitting up society through feminism.
  15. Who needs feminism the most?
  16. The anti-feminism position
  17. Modern men should fight for their rights as women do.
  18. How can society achieve complete gender equality?
  19. Why there is no gender balance in Asian countries
  20. How does feminism preach the incorporation of men’s traditional responsibilities into women’s?

The Final Words

The feminist research paper topics that have been provided in this blog post, will help you write an interesting research paper on the topic of feminism. Our experts at write my essay pro promise to provide you with a high-quality research paper. Get a top-quality writing solution for your college assignments at any time of the day and at a very affordable price.

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