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Narrative Essay Topics


Do you want to submit a narrative essay? Are you looking for the best narrative essay topics for your assignments? Well, in this blog post, we have compiled some interesting narrative essay topic ideas on various themes. Also, we have shared some key tips for selecting a good narrative essay topic. Besides that, we have also recommended a few tips on how to write an engaging narrative essay.

Continue reading this blog post to know more about narrative essay writing and further gain amazing narrative essay topic ideas.

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is one of the popular types of academic essay. Basically, a narrative essay narrates a story about a personal experience while proving the point. Note that, in the narrative essays, the stories can be of any category such as horror, adventure, sentimental, etc. If you are a school or a college student, then during your academic life, at least once you will be asked to submit a narrative essay as a part of your language assignments.

The main aim of a narrative essay is to craft a story in a way that is easy for your readers to visualize. When it comes to writing a narrative essay, along with the entertainment factor, you should also try to add the necessary elements such as plot, settings, characters, dialogue, conflicts, turning points, and resolutions in your story.

In general, a narrative essay is a creative piece of writing. So, to prepare an appealing narrative essay, you must have extraordinary storytelling and creative writing skills. But you need not be persuasive while writing your narrative essay, and can also ignore following the standard essay structure regulations. Most importantly, in the narrative essay, each narrative you craft can be in free form with a beginning, middle, and end.

If you want to prepare an impressive narrative essay, then first, you must have a unique and exciting narrative essay topic or prompt. In the next section, let us have a look at the narrative essay topic selection tips.

Tips for Choosing a Good Narrative Essay Topic

In the essay writing process, topic selection is the first step you must concentrate on. Generally, you will not face any difficulties if your instructors propose narrative essay prompts or topics for you to choose from. But the topic selection will look extremely challenging when you are given a chance to come up with a narrative essay topic on your own.

In case, you are asked to identify a good narrative essay topic for your assignments, during topic selection make sure to keep the following tips in mind.

  • Select a topic that matches your interest.
  • Choose a topic from any type of narrative essay that is convenient for you.
  • Avoid picking any random topic.
  • Consider a topic that excites you to share your personal experiences.
  • Select a topic that is interesting for your readers to read.
  • Give preference to topic that is familiar to you like life experiences, morality, and childhood.
  • Pick a topic that provides proper meaning to you.
  • Go with the topic that syncs with your writing style.
  • Avoid picking difficult and boring essay topics.
  • In order to stand unique in the crowd, try something new.
  • Select a topic that allows you to stay creative.

If you want to write a winning narrative essay, then recall any personal chapter or memories from your school, college, vacation, parties, and any other interesting life events that are happy or sad.

Basically, there is no restriction for narrative essay topic selection. You can very well choose any topic, but the final copy of your essay should be engaging and interesting to the readers. Note that, while selecting a narrative essay topic, we suggest going with the topic related to your real-life experience. Because writing a story about your personal events will help you present an essay more creatively.

How to Write a Narrative Essay?

Usually, your instructors will evaluate your essay writing assignments based on the topic you have chosen and the way you have presented the content. So, while preparing a narrative essay, be careful with the topic you choose and the content you write. If you have no idea how to write my essay on narrative, then execute the following steps in order.

  1. Firstly, identify the type of narrative essay you wish to write.
  2. Secondly, in the narrative essay type of your interest, choose a good narrative essay topic.
  3. Thirdly, on the selected essay topic, jot down all the important points to cover in your essay.
  4. Fourthly, with the gathered points, prepare a narrative essay outline.
  5. Next, craft a narrative essay introduction with a hook statement, scene-setting, and thesis statement.
  6. After the introduction section, prepare a narrative essay body with primary elements such as description, dialogues, characters, plot, and climax.
  7. Finally, write a powerful narrative essay conclusion. The conclusion paragraph should mainly contain a thesis restatement, amoral, and a call to action.
  8. After the entire essay is written, proofread and edit, if there are any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors in the essay.

Point to Remember While Writing a Narrative Essay

Executing the above-mentioned steps in order will help you to prepare a well-structured narrative essay. If you want to write an engaging and top-rated narrative essay, then in addition to narrative essay writing steps, make sure to stick to the following narrative essay writing tips.

  • While writing a narrative essay, give importance to the elements in the story and discuss the topic from various viewpoints. Avoid convincing your readers with your arguments.
  • In order to enhance your narration, structure the flow of the essay in a logical and natural way. A good narrative essay should contain an introduction to the story, an issue, a conflict, and a resolution.
  • Before you begin writing the essay, prepare an essay outline. The essay outline will guide you to cover all the major points without missing any.
  • When you write a narrative essay, organize your ideas coherently and present them from the first-person point of view.
  • To make your essay interesting and appealing, add some complexities to your life experiences by including the lessons you have learned or any other moral it holds.
  • Never lie or decorate your story with facts.
  • Avoid adding details that are irrelevant to the essay topic.
  • The narrative essay content you present should be interesting and creative.
  • Strictly follow the essay writing guidelines and formatting instructions shared by your instructor, to make your essay look appealing. Remember, a neat presentation will boost your academic scores.
  • Before submission, revise your essay multiple times and edit if there are any errors in it. To enhance your essay, you can also get feedback from your family and friends, and modify your content as per their feedback. Note that, the final draft of your essay that is ready for submission should be flawless.


Narrative Essay Topics

List of Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

Here we have listed some interesting narrative essay topics and ideas on various categories such as childhood, friendship, morality, travel, and so on. If you find it difficult to come up with your own narrative essay topic, then feel free to take help from the list below.

Narrative Essay Topics for School Students

Here are a few interesting narrative essay topics that will be helpful for school students.

  1. The first time you took part in a big school event.
  2. Write a narrative essay about your favorite teacher.
  3. The time when you lost a sports match.
  4. Did your teachers contribute to the person you are today?
  5. Traveling to school through bad weather.
  6. What do you do after school?
  7. Write a narrative essay about your first day at school.
  8. A day when school was canceled.
  9. When you placed first at a sports event.
  10. Share the most shocking incidents that you have encountered on campus.
  11. Preparing for a debate competition.
  12. Rehearsing for a drama.
  13. How your best friend in primary school has influenced your life?
  14. One time someone got beat up at the school.
  15. Write about your greatest school achievement.
  16. What is a childhood song that still sticks with you today?
  17. Your first day of Kindergarten.
  18. Talk about a time when you’re siblings looked up to you.

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Are you a college student? If yes, then for your assignments you can very well consider a topic from the following narrative essay topics.

  1. Share your most memorable incident in college.
  2. Describe your favorite professor.
  3. Narrate your first-day experience at college.
  4. The first meeting with your hostel roommate.
  5. Narrate your experience of traveling to a new place for college.
  6. What if you had a time machine?
  7. Write about the first day you moved into a dorm.
  8. When the cherry blossom.
  9. Describe the most frightening experience you have ever had.
  10. Share your experience at the amusement park.
  11. Narrate a fun incident you have experienced on campus.
  12. A moment that has completely changed your life.
  13. The first time at your college campus.
  14. Express the moment you met your special one.
  15. Meeting an old friend after many years.
  16. Your favorite vacation with your family.
  17. A trip you will never forget.
  18. A time you made friends in an unusual circumstance.
  19. Your first day at a new school.
  20. Talk about something that scared you a lot.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

A personal narrative essay is an essay about personal experiences. When it comes to writing a personal narrative essay, you can choose to share a meaningful story about yourself with your readers in an impressive manner. Most importantly, while writing a personal narrative essay, you should write in the first-person perspective. Here are some interesting personal narrative essay topics.

  1. Describe an accident you have witnessed.
  2. Losing a precious object.
  3. Getting lost in the city.
  4. Your first experience with loss.
  5. What makes you a special person?
  6. The toughest decision you have made in life.
  7. Moving around as a child.
  8. Discuss the effect of personal superstitions in your life.
  9. Share your first job interview experience.
  10. A time when you risked your life for someone else.
  11. Your experience of attending a concert or a sporting event.
  12. A moment when you felt alone and scared.
  13. Narrate your story of losing a friend.
  14. Share the best moment of your life.
  15. A time when you discovered a secret.
  16. My most memorable birthday bash.
  17. Share the experience of your first abroad trip.
  18. Explain your first promotion at a job.
  19. The first time you cooked a meal by yourself.
  20. What if I were born in a different country?
  21. An embarrassing experience.
  22. A memorable wedding or funeral.

Narrative Argument Essay Topics

Basically, a narrative essay is an essay that presents a story in chronological order to make a particular point. But in a narrative argument essay, the point you mention should be argumentative. Remember, in a narrative argument essay, the story you tell should be relevant to an argument that you choose to defend. For writing an impressive narrative essay, the following narrative argument essay topics will help you.

  1. A time when you were humiliated.
  2. Someone committing suicide.
  3. A time you had to deal with bullying.
  4. Narrate a story of you having a conflict.
  5. A problem you helped a friend with.
  6. Taking the blame for someone else.
  7. A regretful choice.
  8. Explain a time when you had to decide between right and wrong.
  9. Playing a prank on someone.
  10. Getting into a fight with a bully.

Narrative Essay Topics on Childhood Memory

Everyone will have memorable childhood experiences. In order to prepare an engaging narrative essay, you can travel back to your childhood days and share your personal life events. Are you wondering what topic to choose? For writing an amazing narrative essay, you can consider a topic from the following narrative essay topics related to a childhood memory.

  1. Share your most valuable childhood possession.
  2. Narrate about a childhood experience that helped you grow up.
  3. A time you got hurt on the playground.
  4. Describe a dream you remember from your childhood.
  5. Your favorite game during childhood.
  6. The earliest birthday party you remember.
  7. Your earliest childhood memory.
  8. Write an essay about your first pet.
  9. Narrate a story about your childhood role model.
  10. The first time you got sick.

Narrative Essay Topics on Personal Interest

A narrative essay is all about personal experiences. So, for preparing a narrative essay you can very well choose a topic related to your favorites or personal interests. Here are some interesting narrative essay topics on personal interest that will help you prepare a high-quality essay.

  1. Tell us how your hobby or obsession managed to get you a job.
  2. If you were a director, what movie would you want to shoot?
  3. Write about your favorite TV character that you want to be.
  4. Narrate a situation you’ve abandoned your responsibilities to do something in favor of your hobby.
  5. Would you turn your hobby into a class taught in schools?
  6. TV stars you want to meet in real life.
  7. Which book character do you see yourself as?
  8. A song that usually touches you emotionally.
  9. Narrate about a movie that impressed you.
  10. When did you discover that you had a particular talent?

Narrative Essay Topics on Morality

Instead of focusing more on your personal interests, in your narrative essay, you can also choose to discuss the moral or ethical standards you follow. Listed below are a few narrative essay topics on morality that you can choose for your language assignments.

  1. Explain the time you have acted cowardly.
  2. Share about the time you’ve done something illegal.
  3. Narrate a story about a time you had done something that undermined your morality.
  4. Examine the morals preached by your teachers and parents.
  5. Explain how your government should deal with homeless people.
  6. How do you treat strangers?
  7. Have you ever eavesdropped?
  8. Narrate a rebellious act from your life.
  9. Write about a recent personal morality challenge.
  10. Describe a moral choice that you regret.

Narrative Essay Topics about Friendship and Relationship

Here we have composed a list of outstanding narrative essay topics on friendship and relationships. If you are more comfortable sharing about the persons who have added more value to your life and your relationship stories, then you can select a topic from the following list.

  1. Share an incident involving your best friend.
  2. The time you first met your friend’s parents.
  3. Getting into trouble along with your friend.
  4. Meeting your friend’s pet for the first time.
  5. Write a narrative essay about your first date.
  6. How you have spent a romantic day?
  7. Talk about the movie that defined a relationship for you.
  8. How did you begin your relationship?
  9. Share the most helpful relationship advice you ever got.
  10. Describe an incident involving your crush.

Narrative Essay Topics on Traveling

Do you love traveling? Is your life book having more travel-related stories? If yes, then while writing a narrative essay, you can choose to share your travel experiences. For your convenience, here we have listed some great narrative essay topics on traveling.

  1. Prepare an essay about your favorite vacation spot.
  2. How did traveling to the countryside change your worldview?
  3. Meeting a friend by surprise while on holiday.
  4. What are your must-have items when taking any trip?
  5. Talk about the time you nearly missed a train.
  6. A lesson you learned while traveling.
  7. Making a new friend while on holiday.
  8. The time you nearly missed a flight.
  9. Your first time traveling by yourself.
  10. Narrate your first flight experience.

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

Listed below are some interesting narrative essay topics that will help you prepare an engaging narrative essay.

  1. The title of my first article.
  2. Sitting by the sea in a cozy restaurant and tasting your favorite dish.
  3. The biggest accomplishment that you have made in my life.
  4. If you had a billion dollars for a day.
  5. Talk about a charity activity that you have undertaken.
  6. How did I overcome my biggest fear?
  7. Explain how you overcome the fear of delivering a speech in public.
  8. Sorry, wrong number.
  9. Do you take any risks when your best friend is around you?
  10. How did my father teach me to drive?
  11. Explain how to dance at parties.
  12. Self-control and its prevalence in your life.
  13. Write about exclusive family traditions.
  14. Share your first heartbreak.
  15. The first novel that I have read.
  16. How did I lose my watch?
  17. The day I decided that I would never cry again.
  18. A truly frightening night experience.
  19. In search of fresh air.
  20. A random act of kindness.

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Captivating Narrative Essay Topics

The following list will give you some captivating narrative essay topic ideas on various themes.

  1. Resolving a fight between two friends.
  2. How you fixed up a broken relationship.
  3. Your favorite movie about relationships.
  4. Meeting up with an ‘online’ friend.
  5. The scariest Halloween.
  6. Would you like to start your life all over again?
  7. A defining moment in your relationship with your parents.
  8. Getting caught cheating.
  9. A moment when you had to cover for your friend.
  10. What if you were transported to the last movie you watched?
  11. Narrate about a unique family tradition.
  12. Present a story on your first bicycle ride.
  13. A foreign religious event.
  14. Narrate a sad story from your childhood.
  15. Spending a holiday alone.

Impressive Narrative Essay Topics

Here are some impressive narrative essay topics that will help you boost your academic scores.

  1. How I learned to play the guitar.
  2. What if I became a superhero?
  3. When I decided to do a part-time job.
  4. In the friend zone, none of you would handle it.
  5. Share your moment of success.
  6. How my brother ruined my birthday.
  7. Write a story of a disastrous date.
  8. When I was called to the dean’s office.
  9. The day my best friend betrayed me.
  10. My experience with a tornado.
  11. That day when I started to feel like I’m growing up.
  12. Narrate about your most exhausting exam.
  13. The novel that touched you the most.
  14. Do you mix well with students from different cultures?
  15. Share your favorite mode of travel.

Unique Narrative Essay Topics

Below is a list of some unique narrative essay topics that you can choose to write about.

  1. What if you were a movie director with an unlimited budget?
  2. Describe a successful person that inspires you to keep trying.
  3. Tasting your favorite dish in a cozy restaurant by the sea.
  4. Talk about the way your father has influenced you.
  5. Describe a lecture that has inspired you to get out there and do great things.
  6. Write about something that really ‘grinds your gears.
  7. Your guide to relieving stress.
  8. Things to do while waiting in line.
  9. The reasons people can cry on my shoulder and get cheered up immediately.
  10. Write about a dream that came true.
  11. The first time you were in the emergency room.
  12. Write a narrative essay about a time you had a disagreement with a friend.
  13. What day that you wish to relive in life?
  14. Describe a person who changed your life forever.
  15. Write about a tradition that surprised you.

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  1. Tell us about a moment when passing an exam seemed highly unlikely, but you managed to do so—and how you prepared for it.
  2. Professors at colleges are amenable to debate and revision. Describe a situation when you believed your lecturer was in error.
  3. Give an example of a lecture that motivated you to go out and do amazing things.
  4. There is usually a time when a kid cracks and understands that they are at college after a difficult transition from high school. Tell us about the turning point in your college career.
  5. Which of the following best describes your definition of college—going out, studying, or realizing your dreams?
  6. Tales from History: A Visitor’s Experience at the National Museum of American History
  7. You traveled overseas for the first time ever. Describe your feelings regarding that flight.
  8. When you first visited Paris vs your most recent trip to the “City of Love,”
  9. Having a meal at your favorite restaurant by the water
  10. visiting one of the best venues to see one of your favorite rock bands

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