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Essay writing is one of the common assignments that every student has to face during their scholarly life at school or college. In general, the essay writing task may sound easy for you. But, actually, it is not. In order to prepare a successful essay, you must possess extraordinary knowledge, creativity, and writing skills. Besides that, one of the most important requirements you must have to begin writing an essay is the essay topic. As there is a wide range of disciplines available, in each discipline you can find plenty of essay topics and ideas. Usually, while giving essay writing assignments, your instructors will either share some essay prompts or essay questions for you to choose from or they may allow you to select the essay topic on your own. However, when you have many topics, identifying one perfect topic from it may become tough for you.

Right now, would you have to submit an essay for your English assignments? Are you hunting for the best academic essay topics and ideas? Don’t worry! For your convenience, in this blog post, we have categorized different essay types and have listed some best essay topic ideas under each type, and explained how to write an essay outline. Also, we have shared some key tips on how to select an ideal essay topic for assignments.

Keep on reading and get exclusive topic ideas for writing a brilliant academic essay.

Definition of Essay Writing

Essay writing is a brief piece of writing that is prepared on any particular topic. Generally, writers craft essays to share their ideas, opinions, or arguments on a specific topic from a certain field of study. Also, by using an essay as a medium, writers predominantly try to educate or persuade the target readers using valid evidence supporting the major points of the essay topic.

Typically, depending on the purpose, the essays are broadly classified into different types. Some common categories of academic essays include argumentative essays, expository essays, narrative essays, and descriptive essays.

Basically, essay writing involves a lot of benefits. That is the main reason why instructors often assign essay writing assignments. Listed below are some major benefits of essay writing.

Remember, the regular practice of writing essays will help you to

  • Build the writing skills
  • Gain persuasive skills
  • Develop critical thing skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Fine-tune research skills
  • Portray intelligence to the outside world
  • Update the knowledge in various niches

Academic Essay Types

Commonly, academic essays are divided into several types. But each essay type has its own goals and it should be written only in a specific format. The following are some popular types of essays that you may be asked to write as a part of your school or college assignments.

  • Definition Essay
  • Cause and Effect Essay
  • Classification Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Personal Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Informative Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Process Essay
  • Exemplification Essay

How to Pick a Good Essay Topics?

The first step in the essay writing task is the topic selection. Mostly, your instructors will consider your essay topic as one of the decisive factors during essay evaluation. So, at the time of topic selection, be careful with the topic you decide to choose. Also, note that the topic you select should have a high scope of discussion and it should help you to score an A+ grade. In case, you have no idea how to spot a good essay topic for your assignment, make sure to execute the following steps.

  • Firstly, choose the type of essay you are going to write.
  • Secondly, gather more essay topics and ideas from the essay type you have chosen.
  • Thirdly, brainstorm all the topic ideas you have collected and pick one good topic that is convenient for you to write about.
  • Next, perform a preliminary analysis on the topic you have selected and check whether it is vast or narrow.
  • If your essay topic is vast and tough to cover before the submission date, then remember to narrow it down.
  • Check whether the chosen essay topic or subtopic has enough credible sources to retrieve information.
  • See to the topic whether it is flexible for discussion and will allow you to raise your own arguments or opinions.
  • Finally, confirm the topic only if it satisfies the essay writing instructions or guidelines of your instructor.

Executing all these steps in order will help you to bring a good essay topic. But remember, the essay topic you choose should have wide discussion scope, enough information, and supporting evidence. You can also reuse an already existing essay topic and write it as per your perspectives by using a different approach. But avoid picking an uncommon or random essay topic without proper sources and evidence.


Essay Topics

List of the Excellent Essay Topics and Ideas

Are you struggling to search and find the best essay topic for your assignment? No worries! The list of excellent essay topics and ideas suggested below will help you to boost your academic grades. Especially, in the list, we have categorized different types of academic essays and have presented some great essay topic ideas of several essay types.

No matter whether you are a school or a college student, you can very well access the following essay topics list and choose any topic that suits perfectly for you.

Definition Essay Topics

A definition essay is a popular essay type that will define a term or concept by providing authentic information. The following are some outstanding definition essay topics that you can use for writing your essay assignments.

  1. What is creativity and why is it important for life?
  2. Define why hate is not the answer.
  3. What are the pros and cons of Perfectionism?
  4. Define marriage.
  5. What is optimism?
  6. How do you define success?
  7. Define surrealism in culture.
  8. What is friendship according to you in life?
  9. Explain terrorism and the reasons for it.
  10. What is kindness and why it is important?
  11. Define global warming and its causes.
  12. What does power mean to you?
  13. Define willpower and how to exercise it daily.
  14. What is generosity and how being generous helps people?
  15. Define love from your perspective.
  16. What is true happiness according to you?
  17. Define e-learning and its benefits.
  18. Present the definition of communism and capitalism.
  19. What is dreaming?
  20. Define sportsmanship.
  21. What does the term freedom mean?
  22. Define ownership in your own words.
  23. What is the meaning of the term character?
  24. The current American dream.

Classification Essay Topics

An essay that classifies ideas, objects, or characters into different groups according to their features is referred to as a classification essay. Listed below are some interesting classification essay topic ideas on several subjects.

  1. How to save money.
  2. Explain the different Serving Styles in Tennis.
  3. What are the different portable music players?
  4. Discuss various online shopping patterns.
  5. Explain Tectonic movement classification.
  6. What are the different types of marriages?
  7. Discuss the personality types.
  8. Explain different Swimming Styles.
  9. What are the modern forms of education?
  10. Classify the parenting styles and discuss their consequences.
  11. What are the different types of video games?
  12. Write about the types of weight loss exercises.
  13. Discuss the various types of eating disorders.
  14. What are the different types of political systems?
  15. Explain the types of phobias.
  16. Discuss the various forms of political philosophy.
  17. Explain the different teaching techniques.
  18. Classify the foods that cause obesity.
  19. What are the different types of treatments for dandruff?
  20. Explain leadership and leader types.
  21. Types of social media posts.
  22. Types of memes.
  23. Healthy breakfast foods.
  24. The Democratic party factions.
  25. The Republican party factions.
  26. Modern parenting styles.

Argumentative Essay Topics

One of the most popular types of academic essays is an argumentative essay. This essay will basically evaluate a topic in detail and will build an argument over it. Especially, when it comes to preparing an argumentative essay, in order to place your points strongly, you should explain the argument with proper supporting data. The following are some best argumentative essay topics and ideas that you can consider for your academic work.

  1. Punish individuals who fail in parenting.
  2. Social media is the real reason for teenage depression-Argue.
  3. Do people learn the art of becoming a politician, or are they born with it?
  4. Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated?
  5. The death sentence should be implemented globally.
  6. Do careers in blogging have a future?
  7. Should testing on animals be legal?
  8. Should all women have access to birth control and family planning?
  9. Abortion should be banned.
  10. Recycling should be made compulsory-Discuss.
  11. Competition is really beneficial.
  12. Should everyone engage in volunteering and charity?
  13. Do food companies control our diets?
  14. Does consumerism pose a big issue for the world?
  15. Is vaping as harmful as smoking cigarettes?

Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a kind of creative writing that will narrate a story by using key story elements. Some essential story elements that you can use for preparing engaging narrative essays are plot, settings, characters, dialogue, conflicts, twists, and resolutions. Mentioned below are a few narrative essay topics that you can consider for your assignments.

  1. Write about the time you stood against your parents.
  2. Share your first time away from home experience.
  3. Narrate the things that you regret most in life.
  4. What is the most embarrassing situation you have experienced?
  5. Share your memories from the day the power was out.
  6. Write about your most disappointing birthday.
  7. Present an act of kindness.
  8. Explain the day you experienced a historic event.
  9. Share your personal experiences at the amusement park.
  10. Describe how you met your best friend.
  11. Your first time driving.
  12. Narrate everything about the first book you read.
  13. Write about the death of a friend or relative that influenced you.
  14. Explain how you have developed your self-confidence.
  15. The day you decided to change your life.
  16. Share an achievement outside of your academic life.
  17. Narrate an experience that left you helpless.
  18. Explain the moment when someone you didn’t like surprised you with kindness.
  19. The time you faced rejection.
  20. A week without internet and technology.

Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay is one of the popular types of essay that is similar to an argumentative essay. But in the persuasive essay, you should use valid persuasive techniques to convince the target readers and make them accept your point of view on a specific topic. Listed below are some top-rated persuasive essay topics and ideas.

  1. Is it ethical to clone animals?
  2. Everyone must engage in physical activity.
  3. Every public space must have free Wi-Fi.
  4. Kids must limit their time with electronics.
  5. Hunting wild animals are immoral.
  6. Listening to music reduces homework productivity.
  7. Human trafficking must be severely prosecuted.
  8. Why Physical Education is necessary for each grade of school?
  9. Is calorie reduction the healthiest way to lose weight?
  10. Should alcohol consumption be legalized in Muslim countries?
  11. Churches should pay taxes too.
  12. Are people the major reason for global warming?
  13. The drinking age should be raised.
  14. Is it okay to use animals in a circus?
  15. Illegal immigrants should not be sent to jail.
  16. When should adoption be not allowed?
  17. Sex education should be compulsory in high schools.
  18. Violent video games should be banned.
  19. Cell phones should not be allowed in schools.
  20. Is LinkedIn helpful for finding a job?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

A compare and contrast essay is another popular type of academic essay. This essay mainly analyzes and explains the similarities and differences between two or more subjects of the same category. The following are some interesting compare and contrast essay topics that will help you score an A+ grade.

  1. What is better: a movie or a book?
  2. Living with parents or living at hostels: Which is the best?
  3. Compare Capitalism and Communism.
  4. Explain the anatomical differences between monkeys and humans.
  5. Compare the pros and cons of freelancing and working in an office.
  6. Discuss the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami.
  7. Prepare a comparative essay on the pros and cons of traditional and distant learning.
  8. Compare democracy and Dictatorship.
  9. Discuss the differences and similarities between Greek and Roman mythology.
  10. Compare online shopping and traditional shopping.
  11. Teenage versus adulthood.
  12. Share the difference between homework and class assignments.
  13. What are the Pros and cons of traveling alone?
  14. Compare movies and television shows.
  15. Explain the similarities and differences between Essay writing and blog writing.
  16. Persuasive and argumentative essays – How are they similar?
  17. Real-life or spending your time daydreaming.
  18. Compare Extroverts and introverts.
  19. Unemployed students versus students with a part-time job.
  20. Living on campus and living off-campus.

Personal Essay Topics

In general, personal essays are a kind of non-fiction essays. Basically, this essay focuses on personal experiences, real-life scenes, and thoughts. If you want to prepare a personal essay, then you can very well choose an essay topic from the below-suggested list.

  1. Write about a place that is special to your heart.
  2. Your bucket list of wishes.
  3. A time you were betrayed.
  4. Talk about your favorite time of the year.
  5. A moment you were very brave.
  6. Your biggest achievement.
  7. A person you admire the most.
  8. Why is volunteering important?
  9. How did you learn to draw?
  10. Share how you overcame your worst fear.
  11. Write about the biggest act of kindness you have done.
  12. Someone who annoys you.
  13. The time you lost a tournament.
  14. Your motivation for success.
  15. A time when you made the wrong choice.

Expository Essay Topics

The expository essay is an essay type that will clearly explain a particular topic, idea, or process with valid supporting facts or evidence. Mentioned below are a few captivating expository essay topics that will be helpful for you.

  1. Explain some unconventional ways of relieving stress.
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of getting financial aid.
  3. How to overcome the fear of public speaking.
  4. Explain how physical activity improves overall wellness.
  5. Why most parents are overprotective and strict?
  6. Explain why teenagers use drugs.
  7. How skipping classes can jeopardize your college career?
  8. Explain how certain music can influence society.
  9. Discuss the problems with getting pregnant at 16.
  10. What are the psychological causes of smoking?
  11. Explain how people become racist without being unaware.
  12. How does pop music affect the way of our life?
  13. Explain how prostitution influences society.
  14. Why do women choose to continue an abusive relationship?
  15. Write about the things most teenagers worry about.
  16. Explain why getting a degree is important for job life.
  17. Why do teenagers commit suicide?
  18. Is global warming a cause of skin cancer?
  19. Discuss the pros and cons of student loans.
  20. Explain how to distinguish a leader in a group.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The cause and effect essay is a type of expository essay that will define why something happens and what happens as a result of it. Mentioned below are some cause-and-effect essay topics that will be helpful for you.

  1. Explain the effects of illiteracy.
  2. Discuss the effects of climate change and global warming.
  3. Why are men afraid of commitment?
  4. What are the causes of sibling rivalry?
  5. Discuss the causes of obesity in teenagers.
  6. Explain the causes and effects of depression in the workplace.
  7. Investigate the causes and effects of insomnia.
  8. How does divorce affect children?
  9. Discuss the causes of heart diseases.
  10. Explain the effects of the feminist movement.
  11. Share the effects of professional sport on children.
  12. Discuss the influence of GMOs on humans’ genes.
  13. What are the causes of terrorism?
  14. Explain the cause and effects of the internet on the promotion of social programs.
  15. Discuss the causes and effects of poverty.
  16. Explain how consumerism pollutes the planet.
  17. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage.
  18. Discuss the causes of panic attacks.
  19. Explain how cultural differences cause immigration transition problems.
  20. Discuss long-distance relationships and distrust.

Research Essay Topics

An essay that explains an issue relevant to the works of scientists and scholars is called a research essay. In this essay, you should mainly focus on writing your own opinions about what other scholars have proposed in their work. Here are some great research essay topics and ideas.

  1. What does it mean to be patriotic in different cultures?
  2. Discuss the consequences of the Doctor’s Negligence.
  3. How to prevent ocean pollution.
  4. Explain how intelligence tests segregate society.
  5. Discuss the individual acts that lead to Global Warming.
  6. Universities are becoming business-driven.
  7. How to reduce hate crimes.
  8. Explain the importance of sleep for a healthy life.
  9. How do pesticides influence us?
  10. What are the pros and cons of online retail?

Informative Essay Topics

An essay that educates and informs the readers about a certain topic is called an informative essay. Mostly, in this type of essay, you should present unique and original information about the essay topic. If you want to prepare an informative essay for your assignments, then you can very well take into account any of the following informative essay topic ideas.

  1. Is a college degree necessary to be successful?
  2. Explain the influence of modern art.
  3. Discuss the influence of Child abuse on character development.
  4. How recycling can save our planet?
  5. Discuss the effective ways to avoid procrastination.
  6. Explain how to let go of bad habits.
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online classes?
  8. How does optimism help people grow in life?
  9. Explain how not to become a victim of Cybercrime.
  10. How important is mental health in succeeding professionally?

Best Educational Essay Topics

  1. Should specially-abled people be allowed to work in offices?
  2. How to identify fake news.
  3. Dressing properly in the office improves work efficiency.
  4. Write about Racism in the US.
  5. Being honest has more cons than pros.
  6. Write about Hitler and his military strategies.
  7. What is ADHD and how does it change lives?
  8. Explain the significance of learning social values.
  9. Discuss Overpopulation in prisons.
  10. Explain child abuse and its influence on character development.
  11. What are the causes and treatments for bipolar disorder?
  12. How to prevent bullying on campus.
  13. Discuss the peer pressure on decision-making.
  14. Virtual classes cannot replace the traditional class system. Discuss
  15. Explain the effect of drug legalization on society.

Descriptive Essay Topics

An essay that describes places, situations, objects, people, and experiences is called a descriptive essay. For writing a descriptive essay, you can choose a topic from the below-suggested list.

  1. Describe your favorite literary character.
  2. Meeting a famous person.
  3. Write about the weirdest travel experience you had.
  4. Talk about an object that is very special to you.
  5. Share your experience of Sky-diving.
  6. Write about an incident that restored your faith in humanity.
  7. The most interesting piece of art I have ever seen.
  8. Express the most beautiful view you have ever seen.
  9. Describe the most recent nightmare you had.
  10. Talk about your favorite sport and describe your experience at a live game
  11. A day in the life of an ER doctor.
  12. Write about your farewell in High School.
  13. Describe the place that exists solely in your imagination.
  14. Your childhood home- Describe.
  15. Describe a smartphone and its benefits to someone from the ‘60s.

Process Essay Topics

A process essay is a kind of informative essay. But in process essays, you should mainly focus on providing detailed step-by-step guidance of a certain process or a working mechanism. Here are some exciting process essay topics that you consider for essay writing assignments.

  1. How to write your own book.
  2. Explain how to drive a car.
  3. How to succeed at a job interview.
  4. Explain how to make a movie.
  5. What are the effective ways to quit smoking?
  6. Explain how to be successful in a job search.
  7. Discuss the effective ways to end a bad relationship.
  8. How to make money online.
  9. Explain the effective ways to set up your own website.
  10. How to apply for an internship.
  11. What are the best ways to make new friends?
  12. Explain the effective ways to get rid of a bad habit.
  13. How to start a blog.
  14. Present your money-saving ideas.
  15. Explain how to start your own business.

Exemplification Essay Topics

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay. But in an exemplification essay, you should specifically present examples or any other evidence to prove a point or argument relevant to your essay topic. Mentioned below are a few exemplification essay topic ideas that you can choose for your assignments.

  1. What are the effects of professional sports on children?
  2. Do maturity and self-consciousness come with age?
  3. How does education help to eradicate poverty from the state?
  4. Should religion be taught in schools?
  5. Do commuting decrease one’s feeling of happiness?
  6. Are women better at multitasking?
  7. Does technology create a shift from manual labor to robotic labor?
  8. Are there any concrete scientific proofs for the existence of ghosts?
  9. What roles does the online payment system play in international trade?
  10. Should all colleges follow the same syllabus?

Outstanding Essay Topics

  1. Is reading the most intellectual type of leisure?
  2. Do vegetarians actually save animals?
  3. Can immigration destroy a country’s economy?
  4. Is classical music a dying art?
  5. Are plastic bottles dangerous to our health?
  6. Should the government take additional steps to provide accessibility for those who are physically challenged?
  7. Are people born with the skill to be a politician, or do they learn it?
  8. Owners of social media platforms should keep an eye on and delete comments that use offensive language.
  9. Does technology contribute to individuals feeling more alone?
  10. Will there ever be a moment when no new technical developments take place?
  11. the individual who has a direct impact on my life.
  12. Give a 1960s person a brief explanation of a smartphone and its advantages.
  13. How much of the person you are now is a result of your teachers?
  14. A situation that taught you your parents weren’t always correct or that they weren’t always right.
  15. A time when an unpopular person pleasantly surprised you.

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