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Descriptive Essay Topics for the College and University Students

A descriptive essay is a very common type of essay that is assigned by teachers and professors to students. For writing an essay on Descriptive Essay Topics, you must pick the best topic for this genre. Are you looking for the best descriptive essay topics? If yes, then go through this blog post thoroughly and find the most interesting descriptive essay topics and ideas for your research and assignment paper.

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that is most commonly written for describing places, things or objects, people, situations, and experiences. It is fun writing a descriptive essay and it involves a lot of creativity. One does not have to do deep research for writing on descriptive essay topics, all you need is to share your personal experience, description, and thoughts about the good essay topics that you have chosen.

However, the real task that lies here is choosing the top descriptive essay topic that is interesting and that will hold the attention of your professor and other readers.


Descriptive Essay Topics


Some of the essential tips for choosing the best Descriptive Essay Topic

  • The topic you pick must fit your interest.
  • The topic must have a broad scope of information.
  • The topic should appeal to the five senses.
  • The topic should be exciting and well informative.

If you are a college student struggling to identify and find the best Descriptive essay topic, our team of experts has shared with you a few of the top descriptive essay topics to explore and choose from. Go through the complete list and choose an essay topic that you find the best.

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The Top Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas on people, memories, places, and experiences are provided below:

Descriptive Essay Topics on People

  1. My best friend
  2. My mom is the most creative person.
  3. An athlete that made me like sports
  4. I’d liked to meet this person in the past.
  5. A stranger caught my eye
  6. My dad is the most interesting person.
  7. My favorite celebrity.
  8. My pet.
  9. My favorite singer
  10. Meeting a famous person.
  11. My favorite family member.
  12. I miss them.
  13. Memorable person in my life.
  14. Describe a person you hate.
  15. My favorite school teacher.
  16. Describe the strangest person you ever met
  17. Describe a person you envied.
  18. Describe an inspiring friend or family member.
  19. Describe a spooky or haunted place.
  20. Describe a place you loved as a child.

Few Good Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. The person I admire the most
  2. My mother
  3. My brother: The friend, philosopher, and guide
  4. My favorite movie star
  5. Meeting my favorite teacher
  6. A stranger whom I never forgot
  7. The love of my life
  8. My favorite author
  9. My favorite soccer player
  10. The female tennis player who made me fall in love with tennis
  11. My favorite place in my hometown.
  12. A room that is favorite my house.
  13. Your house I spent my youth in.
  14. My perfect vacation.
  15. I wish I lived for the reason that home.

Descriptive Essay Topics about Items

  1. My favorite object to play with
  2. An expensive thing I wish to have
  3. The most valued objects at my home
  4. My anti-stress toy
  5. Describing a smartphone to someone from the ’60s
  6. My first car
  7. This thing is special to me.
  8. Why I like my smartphone
  9. A toy I still play with
  10. What objects would you bury in a time capsule?
  11. My first smartphone
  12. Audi A3: My dream car
  13. My first wristwatch
  14. The gift I will cherish forever
  15. The Merchant of Venice: My favorite novel

Descriptive Essay Topics about Places

  1. A favorite room in my house
  2. The place I want to visit
  3. My hometown
  4. My favorite restaurant to visit
  5. I got lost in a city.
  6. A museum that I visited recently
  7. What I see from my window
  8. A trip to the mountains.
  9. The place I don’t forget.
  10. The street I like to walk around
  11. Description of Venice, Italy
  12. The beautiful Niagara Falls
  13. India: My Motherland
  14. Yellowstone National Park of the United States
  15. The Pink City and Red City of Rajasthan, India
  16. The Blue City of India
  17. The place around my school
  18. The favorite corner of my house
  19. An amusement park that I visited last month
  20. A short trip to the seaside

Descriptive Essay Topics based on memories

  1. The day I visited abroad
  2. Best childhood memory
  3. The day I met my friend
  4. The best concert I attended
  5. The most frightening moment in life
  6. My first day at school
  7. My most interesting birthday
  8. An embarrassing moment in life
  9. When I became a freshman
  10. How my parents raised me
  11. My first day at school
  12. The day I met my best friend
  13. The incident that makes me smile every time I think about it
  14. My first foreign trip
  15. An important day in my life

Some of the basic Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. The book I love the most
  2. The house of my dreams
  3. My first tears of joy
  4. A fairy tale from my childhood
  5. An exciting picnic with my parents
  6. Cooking is my life
  7. On my way to school
  8. When I go fishing
  9. My favorite sports
  10. A walk in the zoo
  11. My inspiring friend
  12. A special photograph
  13. Describe your lucky object.
  14. A person I envy
  15. Who is your hero, and why?

Top Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Characteristics shared by my friend
  2. My dream job
  3. My newfound interest
  4. Morning is how I begin my day.
  5. This is how I frequently end my days.
  6. Getting ready for a date night
  7. I’m working on my first story.
  8. Gaining new knowledge
  9. Passing an examination
  10. How I learn I go to the gym in the following ways:
  11. Portrait-making
  12. Exactly how my parents raised me
  13. My Fondest memories with my closest friend
  14. My first day in the school classroom
  15. The most important celebration of my life

Amazing Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. A journey to the space
  2. What can an astronaut see?
  3. One day on a ship
  4. How do I perceive God?
  5. The philosophy of my life
  6. A superstition you believe
  7. Describe a haunted place
  8. The demand for love in everyone’s life
  9. Describe a piece of art
  10. A beautiful location in nature
  11. The creepy things I do in my life
  12. Your unusual talent
  13. The greatest lesson I have learned in life.
  14. A religious book that impacted your inner thoughts
  15. One of my addictions

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Exciting Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. The most treasured object
  2. My favorite scene from the recently watched movie
  3. My favorite fictional character
  4. What annoys me the most?
  5. My life as a vegan
  6. Something I quit doing
  7. How I react to a surprise
  8. What influences me as a person?
  9. An emotion I hate to feel
  10. The way I study
  11. My dream job
  12. My favorite ice-cream
  13. How I usually end my day
  14. My favorite place for clubbing
  15. The first email that I wrote
  16. One day in the army
  17. My first visit to the theater
  18. A paranormal experience
  19. The night I had a near-death experience
  20. The best Halloween costume

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Outstanding Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. A place that exists just in my dreams.
  2. My favorite piece of clothing
  3. A view of the world from an astronaut’s eye
  4. Looking into the future
  5. My favorite song
  6. A visit to the library
  7. A story of a failed project
  8. The meaning of life
  9. Meeting with God
  10. My first flight
  11. A day at the seaside
  12. My first trip overseas
  13. My study essentials
  14. Lost in the dark streets
  15. An unexpected visitor from space
  16. My childhood idol
  17. First rollercoaster ride
  18. Alone in a locked room
  19. An encounter with an online criminal
  20. An imaginative friend who I never met

The Bottom Line

From the shared list of the best descriptive essay topics mentioned in the blog post, choose a topic that suits your interest in writing. After you have selected the perfect descriptive essay topic, proceed with writing a well-structured dissertation paper, and make sure to follow the descriptive essay standard and format. When writing your essay, keep your words simple and use clear descriptions to grab your readers’ attention.

However, if you are confused about choosing the correct descriptive essay topic, then feel free to contact our essay help service provider. We will provide you with a genuine writing solution at a reasonable price. We have a team of highly qualified descriptive essay writers who are available to provide you with assistance at all times of the day. For round-the-clock writing help and top-quality descriptive essay writing, choose us.

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