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Expository Essay Topics


This blog post suggests a list of the best expository essay topics on various subjects. Also, it explains how to select a good topic and write a brilliant expository essay.

An expository essay is a kind of academic writing that is totally different when compared to other essay types. Especially, to write an expository essay, you must have good writing skills and strong knowledge of the topic you have chosen. Currently, would you have to prepare an expository essay for your assignment? Are you looking for the top expository essay topics to earn an A+ grade? Well, in this blog post, we have categorized and listed 100+ expository essay topic ideas on several themes. Also, for your better understanding, here, we have presented an overview of an expository essay including steps for writing an expository essay and the expository essay topic selection tips.

Continue reading this blog post to know more about expository essay writing.

What is an Expository Essay?

An expository essay is a short essay type that is prepared to give a clear and detailed explanation of a particular essay topic, idea, or process. Mostly, in order to test the composition skills of the students and how they have understood the subject, the instructors will often ask the students to write the expository essay.

Some popular expository essay types include

  • Definition essays
  • “How to” or Process Analysis essays
  • Cause and Effect essays
  • Classification essays
  • Compare and contrast essays

The main purpose of an expository essay is to logically explain a specific topic in a straightforward way. In particular, this essay writing requires a neutral view and a proper explanation of the subject with valid supporting evidence, examples, and facts. Most importantly, the final draft of this essay should be well-structured with essential sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

How to Write an Expository Essay?

Till now, we saw what an expository essay means. In this section, let us take a look at how to write an expository essay. If you have no idea how to craft this essay, make sure to execute the following steps sequentially.

  1. Firstly, read and understand the essay writing instructions of your instructor.
  2. Secondly, suitable to your instructor’s instructions, search and find an ideal expository essay topic from the subject you are interested in.
  3. Thirdly, analyze the topic you have chosen and gather the main points for discussion.
  4. Fourthly, with the gathered points, create a neat and clear expository essay outline.
  5. Fifthly, begin writing your expository essay as per the outline you have sketched. The essay you write should mainly contain different sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introductory paragraph, you should add background information on the topic and a defined thesis statement. Next, in the body paragraphs, you should divide your thesis statement into various topic sentences and explain it in detail with valid evidence. Finally, you should wrap up the essay by summarizing the main points and reinforcing the thesis in the conclusion paragraph.

  1. After drafting the entire essay, before submission, remember to proofread the text multiple times and edit if there are any errors in it. The final copy of the essay should be error-free and plagiarism-free.

Tips for Selecting the Right Expository Essay Topic

In the essay writing process, topic selection is one of the significant steps. Basically, the topic you choose to write plays a key role in the success of your essay. So, at the time of essay writing, you should be more careful in selecting your essay topic.

Generally, while giving essay writing assignments, your instructors will suggest some essay prompts for you to choose from. But, at times, they may ask you to select the topic on your own.

If you are asked to choose the expository essay topic of your choice, then during the topic selection stage, stick to the following tips to find out an ideal topic.

  1. Choose a topic from the subject that you are passionate about or have strong knowledge of.
  2. Pick a topic that is interesting to you as well as your readers.
  3. Identify a topic that allows you to give a detailed explanation in a logical manner before the submission date.
  4. Avoid choosing a topic that is too broad or too specific.
  5. Narrow down your topic, if it is too vast.
  6. In order to set credibility, go with a topic that has relevant evidence from believable sources to explain your main idea.
  7. Instead of choosing a frequently discussed topic, give preference to an informative and unique topic from a less focused area.
  8. Confirm the topic only if it stands in line with the writing guidelines shared by your instructor.

All these tips will help you in picking an ideal topic. But before you proceed to write, consult with your instructor and get to know whether you are on the right track. As your instructors are responsible for evaluating your essay, getting their input prior to writing would help you to improvise your work and boost your academic scores.


Expository Essay Topic

Best Expository Essay Topics List

In this section, for your convenience, we have presented a list of the best expository essay topics and ideas on various subjects such as education, health, science, music, literature, and so on.

If you are hunting for any essay ideas online, then without any hesitation, explore the following expository essay topic ideas list and from it choose any topic that you feel is perfect for you.

Expository Essay Topics for High School Students

Are you a high school student looking for simple expository essay topics for your assignment? If yes, then the following topics will be helpful to you.

  1. Explain how to develop imagination.
  2. Do aliens exist?
  3. Discuss the consequences of having a job while in high school.
  4. Define the meaning of true friendship.
  5. Explain how to measure happiness.
  6. How to deal with bullying in school.
  7. Explain how your favorite teacher helped you become a better person.
  8. Discuss the effective ways to deal with financial problems.
  9. What is an acceptable level of sadness?
  10. Explain how growing up with a sibling influenced your personality.
  11. Explain why you admire a particular person.
  12. Explain why someone you know should be regarded as a leader.
  13. Explain why you especially enjoy a particular teacher.
  14. Explain the impact of different music genres on society.
  15. Explain why students listen to a particular type of music.

Expository Essay Topics for College Students

If you are a college student, then for your essay writing assignments, you can very well choose any topic from the below-mentioned list of expository essay topics and ideas.

  1. Explain the consequences of World War II.
  2. What are the factors that contribute to depression?
  3. Are heroic people mentally healthy?
  4. Explain the concept of the black holes.
  5. How is electronic music made?
  6. What are the types of schizophrenia?
  7. List out the hobbies that teenagers should avoid.
  8. Discuss the latest developments in the study to cure cancer.
  9. Why do people forget things?
  10. How do humans search for extraterrestrial life?
  11. Is bibliophobia considered to be a mental disorder?
  12. Describe the change of communication in the Era of Technology.
  13. Why do people need to continue space exploration?
  14. How big is the universe?
  15. Describe the next great invention.
  16. What are the stages of personality development?
  17. Explain the benefits of social media.
  18. Discuss the differences between the right and left halves of the brain.
  19. How to save the planet.
  20. Explain the difference between psychology and psychiatry.
  21. Explain the likely consequences of being kicked out of school.
  22. Explain the likely consequences of skipping classes.
  23. Explain the likely consequences of brothers and sisters constantly fighting.
  24. Explain the likely consequences of being sexually active without using protection.
  25. Explain why some teens’ parents do not like to be alone with their child’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

Expository Essay Topics on Education

Here are a few interesting essay topics on education that you can make use of for your expository essay writing.

  1. Why is a higher degree important for getting good jobs?
  2. Discuss the benefits of learning foreign languages.
  3. Compare online schooling and traditional schooling.
  4. Explain why homework is important.
  5. Compare how literate people are different from illiterate people.
  6. Should athletes be given scholarships?
  7. Write about higher education and its impact on a future career.
  8. Can a person get an outstanding education at home?
  9. Which subjects should not be included in school education?
  10. Compare a private school and a public school
  11. What are the causes and effects of adult illiteracy?
  12. How should the education sector be changed in your country?
  13. Why teaching is considered a noble profession?
  14. Does ‘educated’ mean the same as ‘smart’?
  15. Which subjects could be taught at schools?

Expository Essay Topics on Health

Health is one of the vast fields that demand a detailed explanation. If you are interested in analyzing the health-based topics, then for your expository essay, you can very well choose any topic from the following.

  1. Why are snacks and fast-food harmful?
  2. How should a college student live healthily?
  3. Does music affect the mental state and health of a human?
  4. Discuss the correlation between poverty and AIDS. Also, explain why AIDS haunts poor countries.
  5. Are heroism and patriotism ‘normal’ things in terms of mental health?
  6. Can the World Health Organization (WHO) cure ‘incurable’ diseases?
  7. Recommend how to stay fit.
  8. Discuss some strategic tips on how to deal with ADSD.
  9. What is the interrelation between IQ level and health?
  10. Discuss the consequences of eating healthy food.

Expository Essay Topics on Science and Technology

Below are a few essay topics on science and technology that you can consider for writing your expository essay.

  1. Why is it impossible to time travel?
  2. iPhone: A significant leap in the field of mobile technology.
  3. Explain Stephen Hawking’s impact on astrophysics.
  4. Discuss the consequences of the internet invention.
  5. Compare Arabic versus Latin numerals. Why did the Arabic ones win?
  6. What are the causes and effects of social media addiction?
  7. Why Elon Musk’s inventions are so detrimental?
  8. Explain how radio shaped the modern world.
  9. Will humans ever land on Mars?
  10. The theory of general relativity: Discuss the impact on modern physics.

Expository Essay Topics on Religion and Philosophy

The following is a list of expository essay topics on religion and philosophy that will be useful to you.

  1. What is the role of existentialism in casting modern philosophy?
  2. Is it possible to construct Aristotle’s Republic?
  3. Present your understanding of the seven deadly sins.
  4. Why is there no single religion?
  5. Write about Christianity in Medieval Europe.
  6. Pick any religion and elaborate on its core beliefs.
  7. Portray the image of Jesus in Islamic religious tradition.
  8. What are the consequences of Nietzsche’s claims about God?
  9. Explain the reformation of the Catholic Church.
  10. What is your life philosophy?

Expository Essay Topics on Ethical Issues

Here are a few expository essay topics on ethical issues that you can adapt for your assignments.

  1. How to get rid of the death penalty.
  2. Should abortion be prohibited?
  3. Express your understanding of morality.
  4. How do you understand the code of ethics?
  5. Explain how to solve the problem of early pregnancy.
  6. Would you accept your loved one getting assisted suicide?
  7. How to stop racism.
  8. What are the consequences of implementing gun control?
  9. In the current society, is there any notion of ‘honor’?
  10. When divorced, which parent will you be with, and why so?

Expository Essay Topics on History

Are you searching for the best expository essay topics on history? Well, then the following list is for you.

  1. What is the role of America in modern wars?
  2. Explain the effects of the French Revolution.
  3. What are the causes and effects of the Nationwide Prohibition of the 1920s?
  4. Explain the role of astronomy in Ancient Greece.
  5. Describe how silk and tea export shaped modern China’s economy.
  6. How does weapon production affect wars?
  7. What are the effects of Queen Victoria’s reign?
  8. Characterize the impact of gunpowder invention.
  9. Discuss how the first newspaper was introduced.
  10. Explain the Samurai’s honor and the industrial development of Japan.

Expository Essay Topics on Music

If you are a music lover, then to write your explanatory essay, you can very well choose any topic from the following explanatory music essay topics on music.

  1. What effect does music have on people’s minds?
  2. Explain how to launch a music album.
  3. Why do people listen to sad songs during the depression?
  4. What’s your favorite music album, and why?
  5. Explain your favorite music genre.
  6. Steps to becoming a musician.
  7. What is the impact of music on your life?
  8. Why do youngsters like rock music more than any other music genre?
  9. Which music genre is better: jazz or pop?
  10. What do you love the most in a song: music or lyrics?

Expository Essay Topics on Literature

The following are a few amazing expository essay topics on literature that you can take into account for writing your expository essay.

  1. Describe the means of comedy in “The Golden Compass”.
  2. Analyze the poetic style of William Wordsworth in his famous poem “The Daffodils”.
  3. What are the consequences of H. Wells’ “Time Machine”?
  4. Beowulf: Describe the impact of the epic on the image of a hero in art.
  5. Analyze the role of secondary characters in a play
  6. Explain the ‘Death of the Author’ concept.
  7. John Snow: A noble bastard
  8. Explain the consequences of being the chosen one with reference to Harry Potter.
  9. Define the main symbols used in “Leaves of Grass.”
  10. Analyze your favorite poem and explain its meaning.

Expository Essay Topics on Personal Experience

For your expository essay writing assignment, you can give a fair explanation on any of the following expository essay topics on personal experience.

  1. Who was your first teacher?
  2. Describe an unforgettable event in your life.
  3. How did upbringing affect your personality?
  4. What is your most possessed dream about the future?
  5. Explain your first success at a sport.
  6. Describe your favorite childhood memory.
  7. Explain when you met your first love.
  8. What type of dishes do you like to cook and why?
  9. Write about your favorite subject.
  10. Describe your favorite movie or book.

Expository Essay Topics on Social Issues

The following are a few expository essay topics on hot social issues that will help you in fetching an A+ grade.

  1. Explain how to address the ‘glass ceiling’ issue.
  2. Describe possible effects related to voting and not voting.
  3. If you were the president of your country, what would you change?
  4. Explain what alcohol addiction among teenagers’ leads to?
  5. Is there such a thing as ‘tolerance’? Does it work as it should?
  6. Why should there be a school uniform?
  7. Is teen pregnancy a norm?
  8. What are the consequences of drug addiction?
  9. Discuss how addiction to the internet badly affects children.
  10. What a young person can do if they failed to finish college?
  11. What is wrong with the human species?
  12. How to take care of yourself.
  13. Explain your thoughts about double standards.
  14. Why do people commit suicide?
  15. What are the causes of global warming?

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Social Issues Expository Essay Topics

  1. List out the difference between fat and overweight.
  2. Discuss the link between being hungry and being lonely.
  3. Why do children lie?
  4. Are we money hungry?
  5. Write about gender inequality at work.
  6. Benefits of learning foreign languages.
  7. People with and without literacy: a comparison.
  8. Determine the distinctions between being overweight and being fat.
  9. Memory’s function in the human brain.
  10. Importance of participating in elections.
  11. Talk about your thoughts about unfair treatment.
  12. Code of ethics: explain your positions.
  13. How do IQ and health relate to one another?
  14. Explain the healthy lifestyle of college students.
  15. Find effective management techniques for adsd.

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