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Discursive Essay Topics


A discursive essay is one of the most popular academic essays that teachers often ask students to write. Mainly, they assign this essay to test the knowledge and skills of the students. Right now, are you given a task to complete a discursive essay? Well, if you know what a discursive essay means, then, writing this essay would not be a big deal for you. Mainly, for writing a discursive essay you must have a valid topic and strong knowledge of the topic. In case, you have no idea about discursive essay writing and are looking for the best discursive essay topics for your assignments, keep on reading this blog post.

Especially to help you out, here, we have presented the definition of a discursive essay, important discursive essay topic selection tips, and the steps for writing a discursive essay. Besides that, we have also listed some excellent discursive essay topic ideas on various subjects.

To get more exclusive discursive essay ideas and update your knowledge of discursive essay writing, quickly dive inside this blog post.

Definition of Discursive Essay

What is a discursive essay? A discursive essay is an academic essay type that will allow you to share your points, opinions, or views either for or against the topic. But at times, in this essay, you can also present your views in a neutral or balanced manner by covering all the perspectives on a topic, without taking a stand towards a particular side.

The main aim of a discursive essay is to help the readers gain multiple viewpoints on specific good essay topics or ideas. So, when it comes to writing a discursive essay, you will have to first conduct in-depth research about the topic, and then write the essay by taking into account all the aspects of the subject.

Basically, a discursive essay will look like an argumentative essay or persuasive essay, but it is indeed different from them. In simple terms, a discursive essay will mainly explain several opinions that are both for and against a topic or idea.

Different Types of Discursive Essay

Commonly, the discursive essay is divided into the following types.

Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a type of discursive essay in which you have to present all your opinions about a topic with supporting evidence. Most importantly, the evidence you include in this essay should be valid and from credible sources. Also, especially, before you conclude this essay, you should make sure to put forward your arguments against the topic and explain why they are not persuasive.

For and Against Essay

For and against essay is another discursive essay type in which you have to argumentatively discuss either for or against the topic or theme. But when it comes to writing this kind of essay, you should remember to consider the pros and cons of the topic and explain your views in a neutral way. In specific, before you wrap up this essay, you should highlight your opinions by mentioning your preference on the topic.

Solutions Recommending Essay

It is also one of the popular types of discursive essays in which you have to outline an issue and recommend different valid solutions for that issue. Particularly, while concluding this essay, in the conclusion paragraph, you should make sure to focus more on the solution you have recommended and explain why that solution is more effective.

How to Write a Discursive Essay?

Basically, a discursive essay is a formal essay in which you have to organize and present your ideas in a way that is easy for your readers to understand. In general, writing a discursive essay may look hard. But if you have a good knowledge of the topic, a proper essay plan, and an idea about the essay structure, then you can easily prepare an engaging discursive essay. Do you know how to write a discursive essay? In case, you have no idea, then remember to execute the following steps for writing a discursive essay.

Topic Selection and Analysis

  1. Firstly, have a clear understanding of the essay writing guidelines shared by your instructor.
  2. Secondly, search and find a good discursive essay topic matching your essay writing guidelines.
  3. Thirdly, conduct in-depth research on your topic, and collect the necessary points needed for discussion.
  4. Fourthly, after the topic analysis, craft a well-structured discursive essay outline with essential sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  5. Next, with the help of the prepared essay outline, begin drafting the essay as per the standard essay structure.

Discursive Essay Writing

  1. Open the discursive essay with a catchy introductory paragraph. The introduction section should mainly contain an engaging hook statement, background information on the topic, and a strong thesis statement.
  2. Next to the introduction, add body paragraphs. Especially, in the body of your essay, explain all your major opinions or points related to the thesis statement with proper supporting evidence.
  3. Finally, conclude the essay with a powerful conclusion paragraph. In the conclusion part, express your feelings about the essay topic and list out all the necessary findings.
  4. At the end of the essay, include a reference page and mention all the original sources of the ideas you have used in your essay.
  5. After you complete writing the essay, before submission, double-check the final copy and edit the grammar, spelling, or logical errors in it. Remember, the final draft of the discursive essay that is ready for submission should be original and error-free without plagiarism.

Points to Remember While Writing a Discursive Essay

Executing all the above-mentioned steps in order will help you to come up with a brilliant discursive essay. But, if you want your essay to structure and format in a proper way, then remember to stick to the following discursive essay writing tips.

  1. While writing a discursive essay, use a formal third-person speech.
  2. In the essay, prefer using the right choice of words and formal language conventions.
  3. Never use emotional writing style and clichés to exaggerate your opinions.
  4. Organize your ideas according to the basic essay format that contains separate sections for introduction, body, and conclusion.
  5. When explaining your arguments, try to use a balanced and calm tone.
  6. In order to explain all your major points, use well-known real-life examples as proof.
  7. Avoid altering the original structure of a discursive essay.
  8. Cite all the ideas taken from external sources.
  9. To maintain a smooth and seamless narration flow, use transition words in between the paragraphs.
  10. In your discursive essay, include persuasive writing techniques such as repetition, hyperbole, metaphors, imagery, oxymoron, and simile at the appropriate places, if needed.

Tips for Selecting an Ideal Discursive Essay Topic

As mentioned earlier, in the discursive essay writing process, the first step you should focus on is topic selection. Generally, you will not face any difficulties with the topic selection, if your instructor suggests some essay prompts or essay questions for you to choose from. But it would be highly challenging if you are given the liberty to select an essay topic on your own. Because, when it comes to the preparation of a discursive essay, you can find plenty of topics on various subjects. However, when you have infinite topics, then out of them all, picking one ideal topic for a research essay would be extremely challenging.

So, to assist you in identifying a good discursive essay, here we have shared some key discursive essay topic selection tips. Especially, while you are in the discursive essay topic selection stage, make sure to stick to them all.

  1. Choose a topic from the area that you are passionate about or have strong knowledge of.
  2. Select a topic that is convenient for you to explore and write about.
  3. Never pick a frequently discussed topic.
  4. Go with a topic that is interesting to you as well as your readers.
  5. Give preference to a controversial topic that allows you to raise varying viewpoints or opinions.
  6. Select a topic with two sides because from that you can generate more arguments that are for and against it.
  7. Identify a topic that that has enough supporting facts or evidence to prove your arguments.
  8. Finalize the essay topic only if it stands in line with the essay writing instructions of your instructor.

Discursive Essay Topics

List of the Best Discursive Essay Topics

Are you hunting for the best discursive essay topics and ideas? Well, if you are running short of ideas or don’t know what discursive essay topic to choose for your assignment, feel free to access the list below.

The list will give you the top150 discursive essay topic ideas on various disciplines. Out of all the topics suggested, choose one topic that suits you perfectly.

Simple Discursive Essay Topics

The following are some simple discursive essay topics that will be helpful for you.

  1. Should court proceedings in the UK be documented for television?
  2. Do social media have a positive effect on our lives?
  3. Should capital punishment be banned in every country?
  4. Is home-schooling beneficial for students?
  5. Should steroid takers be banned from sports?
  6. Discuss the link between food, fitness, and weight.
  7. Explain the pros and cons of globalization.
  8. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of video games.
  9. Are political authorities involved in illegal activities?
  10. Should the government ban same-sex marriages?
  11. Discuss the workplace challenges faced by women.
  12. Explain why policymakers are pushing STEM education nowadays.
  13. Will robots improve our efficiency in the future?
  14. Should there be restrictions on freedom of speech?
  15. Is society becoming over-regulated?
  16. Explain whether school uniforms should be banned or not.
  17. Should schools avoid punishing the students with physical torture?
  18. What are the adverse effects of detox diets?
  19. Is print media almost dead?
  20. Explain how students can contribute to the safety of nature.
  21. Should social media platforms be banned from collecting their users’ data?
  22. Should companies have to hire human workers overusing autonomous machines?
  23. Should cell phones be banned from vehicles?
  24. Has the internet made society better?
  25. Should parents limit screen time for kids?

Amazing Discursive Essay Topics

If you are searching for amazing discursive essay topics, then without any hesitation, have a look at the list below.

  1. Does rock music have a close connection with Satanism?
  2. Explain whether blockchain has enhanced trade finance in 2018 or not.
  3. Is depending too much on technology making us dumber?
  4. Can virtual reality become dangerous for youngsters?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones?
  6. Should tobacco production be made illegal across the world?
  7. How to keep children away from the use of drugs.
  8. What is the best kind of parenting you have observed in your country?
  9. Are acts of sex and violence acceptable on TV?
  10. Which is better: reading an e-book or a paperback?
  11. Is the current education system productive?
  12. Does reading non-fiction build up the writers’ creativity?
  13. Do space explorations assure long-term survival?
  14. Should parents reward their children for behaving well?
  15. Is English one of the difficult languages to learn?
  16. Should the government increase the federal minimum wage?
  17. Should the government provide everyone with a universal basic income?
  18. Should corporations pay more taxes?
  19. Should the government regulate what we eat?
  20. Should the government impose term limits on Congresspeople?

Unique Discursive Essay Topics

The following are some unique discursive essay topics you can consider for writing your assignments.

  1. Which is better: Single-sex School or Co-ed School?
  2. Is good grammar necessary?
  3. Explain the relation between wealth and happiness.
  4. Which is worse: White-collar crime or Blue-collar crime?
  5. Will Google bring about the end of privacy?
  6. Is exercising mandatory for losing weight?
  7. Should a parent be on the same social network as their child?
  8. Are tattoos a work of art?
  9. Is MBA necessary to be successful in business?
  10. Should afternoon naps be allowed at work?
  11. Is plastic surgery good?
  12. Are SMS and texting apps like WhatsApp destroying the English language?
  13. At what age should a child start doing household chores?
  14. Which is better: traditional medicine or alternative medicine?
  15. Should cheerleading be recognized as a sport and played in the Olympics?
  16. Explain whether slavery has a positive influence on world economics or not.
  17. Should cell phones be allowed in school?
  18. Are technological advancements making us lazier?
  19. What should be the penalty for internet trolling or cyberbullying?
  20. Share your views about the childfree movement.

Top-rated Discursive Essay Topics

Here are some top-rated discursive essay topics and ideas that you can choose to explore and write about.

  1. Is the best music founded on social oppression?
  2. Should zoos be destroyed?
  3. Is cutting hands the only way to stop corruption?
  4. Should animal sports be banned?
  5. Are plastic water bottles ruining the environment?
  6. Is social media presence necessary for a small business to succeed?
  7. Should public schools have a responsibility to teach social-emotional skills to students?
  8. Is Graffiti an art?
  9. Should people in Muslim countries develop a religious tolerance?
  10. Are athletes the best role models for children?
  11. Which is better: listening to the mind or heart?
  12. Should parents be honest with their kids?
  13. Is a college education mandatory to lead a successful life?
  14. Present your views about the marriage of convenience.
  15. Which is better: watching a movie on the big screen or in your home?

Excellent Discursive Essay Topics

The following are some excellent discursive essay topic ideas that you can adopt for preparing an outstanding discursive essay.

  1. Is yoga a more spiritual activity than fasting?
  2. Are non-vegetarians healthier than vegetarians?
  3. Should the average driving age in your country be reduced or increased?
  4. Share your viewpoints on cryptocurrency.
  5. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of peer pressure.
  6. Is IoT no longer a tool that screws up privacy and security?
  7. Does workplace diversity play a vital role in increasing productivity?
  8. Is social media contributing to a more narcissistic society?
  9. Are contemporary people across the world depending too much on technology?
  10. Is studying Shakespeare outdated in today’s world?
  11. Should offshore drilling be widened?
  12. Discuss the scenario of healthcare and medicine in the 1900s.
  13. Should famous people in society join in politics?
  14. Is Facebook really needed to stay connected with each other?
  15. Should short dresses be restricted from the workplace?

Great Discursive Essay Topics

Mentioned below is a list of the great discursive essay topics that you can take into account for writing your assignments.

  1. Is it possible to create a society based on matriarchy?
  2. Should beauty contests be banned?
  3. Explain whether video games have educational value or not.
  4. Do politicians depend more on the media to stay in power?
  5. Should schoolchildren learn religion as a part of their curriculum?
  6. Is social media more relevant these days than traditional media?
  7. Are apps more of a help or a waste of time?
  8. Which is better: nuclear families or joint families?
  9. Do contact sports encourage aggression?
  10. Is it necessary to emphasize etiquette in all curriculums?

Interesting Discursive Essay Topics

The following are some interesting discursive essay topics that will help you in preparing a high-quality discursive essay.

  1. Explain why an assassination can never be justified.
  2. Should rape victims be hanged to death?
  3. Is it good to earn money through the lottery?
  4. Does technology isolate the individual?
  5. Explain how the celebrity culture is spoiling the moral values of young teenagers.
  6. Discuss the challenges in outsourcing to foreign countries.
  7. Explain the prospect of having a woman president.
  8. Should newspapers be heavily regulated?
  9. Is radio important as a form of media in the 21st century?
  10. Write about the mortgage crisis in the economy.

Captivating Discursive Essay Topics

Here are some captivating discursive essay topics that will help you in scoring an A+ grade.

  1. Discuss the consequences of SPF products.
  2. Explain why so many people are skeptical about NFT?
  3. Are baby sensory videos short-term delight or long-term nightmare?
  4. Discuss the rise and fall of political correctness in society.
  5. Share some alternatives to modern classrooms.
  6. Explain the effect of weighted blankets on our mental and physical state.
  7. Discuss the impact of a “one car per family” policy.
  8. Write about the dark side of over-exercising.
  9. Discuss the potential threats and possibilities of deep fake technology.
  10. Explain why virtual reality should not be made easily accessible to kids.
  11. Do individual choices of some students negatively affect group well-being?
  12. Explain some effective ways to stimulate students’ creativity.
  13. Discuss the importance of racial representation through skins in the metaverse.
  14. Explain the healing capacity of listening to favorite music.
  15. Why censorship is important for TV channels?

Impressive Discursive Essay Topics

Listed below are a few impressive discursive essay topics that you can select for your academic paper writing work.

  1. Is it necessary to add text message acronyms in dictionaries?
  2. Do all adults need eight hours of sleep?
  3. Is cheerleading a way to objectify young women?
  4. Does the gaming world promote problematic gender and racial stereotypes?
  5. Is the use of drones in the military an invasion of privacy?
  6. Explain the impact of Blockchain on energy.
  7. Are drug abuse commercials effective?
  8. Do energy drinks cause health risks to teenagers?
  9. Explain why the destruction of rainforests should be prohibited.
  10. Should GMOs be allowed in food?
  11. Are dating websites a good place to meet romantic partners?
  12. Should the government censor rap music culture?
  13. Explain whether tattoos and paganism are related to each other or not.
  14. Should airlines provide a two-seat policy for heavier people?
  15. Do social media platforms affect the academic performance of students?

Outstanding Discursive Essay Topics

The following are some outstanding discursive essay topics and ideas that you can focus on.

  1. Why energy drinks are just as bad as alcoholic drinks?
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of pursuing a career in music or acting.
  3. What is the role of counter culture movements in promoting social change?
  4. Write about the benefits of organic food.
  5. Explain how public opinion is formed by the media, government propaganda, and advertising.
  6. Why people should accept the idea of home education?
  7. Explain the benefits of attending Yoga classes.
  8. How to help a child overcome anxiety.
  9. Discuss some innovative ways to make the workplace more effective through teamwork.
  10. Should students compulsorily learn a foreign language?
  11. How effective is the death penalty?
  12. Explain whether the election process in your country is fair or not.
  13. Why should or should not steroids be made a regular part of an athlete’s daily routine?
  14. Discuss the connection between religion and moral standards in society.
  15. Explain the impact of self-expression on individuals and society.

Amazing Discursive Essay Topics

  1. The effects of modern society’s hyper-realistic beauty filters
  2. Should celebrities who are no longer alive perform in holograms at concerts?
  3. What alternative strategies are there to the school’s no-backpack trend to foster kids’ originality?
  4. Is it bad when parents use their kids to increase their social media following and likes?
  5. The need for mental health days at colleges and schools
  6. Is it feasible to increase Generation Z’s attention span?
  7. Why do graduates overestimate their potential earnings?
  8. Do the majority of businesses employ diversity solely for financial gain and PR benefits?
  9. The significance of ethnic representation in metaverse skins
  10. How is it harmful to Japanese culture to fetishize Japanese people?

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